Monday, September 25, 2006


check it out -
its time for the one and only painting extravaganza by our very own selves, my show starts at the end of this week, i'm largely stressed and also large from eating stressful bad food as well. so after satday - when all's complete, no more 2min noodles, only healthy salads and bean curd.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

more international sight sees at someday

i love this gallery. i love most of the shows i see there. i love metropolis. i hate the fact that they never support local artists in the same way that they do those established (already making money) artists overseas. it would be nice to see a non for profit paste up comp or something in such a well exposed place - heaps of commercial spaces support emerging artists and street artists, it'd be nice to see them spend there excess earnings on the underground instead of jamaican beer. that being said -GENEVIEVE GAUCKLER, parisian, butchy and a little designerish but very cool (because i love text and monsters in any work that i see) woman from the south of france (i don't actually think shes from the south of france but it sounds romantic) is now showing at someday, check it out, i will probably yet again end up reviewing the people and not the actual show. boowah

(first image is courtasy of, second image courtasy of, and the third -

Friday, July 14, 2006

a struggle for my prosthetics and brain juices

don't let the funky website and flyer fool you - it wasn't that good.

last night my sea bears and i went to the opening of liquid architecture - which you'll know as the experemental music festival in melbourne. it needs a bit of leeway this opening - because it was mostly improvised and the acoustics in the gaol were excellent. i did score some free earplugs tho (didn't need to use them at the show because the sound didn't blow me away)

there were some highlights - a nice man in pretty jeans making fun sounds with a trough filled with sand - a whisk - and a wonderful imitation of the buddhist cup thing that they do.

the night started (with me and my seabears getting in first on account of my prosthetic legs, much to the disgust of the beautiful melbournites dressed in black who'd gotten there before us) actually, last night was probably one of the most prime examples (excluding someday gallery openings) of the visions of style in melbourne. i mean, these people are gorgeous, dressed in there black boots and leopard print leggings under saucy small black skirts. there was even (as one of my seabears pointed out much to my shock) a fashion statement in the form of a red sleeping bag being worn as a parka. the funny thing was, she looked rather nice, warm and a bit like she'd come back from camping and neglected to get out of her thermol sleep worm.

when we first arrived everyone was ushered into the bar room where the delights of free beer, wine and orange juice awaited. it seemed that they didn't let anyone out until the alchohol stopped flowing and i know wonder whether this was because everything sounds better after a few drinks.

the highlight of this night was a funny bearded hippy who looked a little lost or stoned that kept the smiles going throughout the night, he was a rareity in a cold dark gaol filled with cold dark melbornights (who incidently - seem only to come out at night)

here are some websites to give you an idea of who we heard, saw and probably insulted - - actually this is a very cool site - this one has free downloads - yay (but bare in mind you really need good headphones or computer speakers to listen - i recommend headphones as always, but not those shitty ones you stick down your earlobes.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

lucky ostraya

i just found out that the ngv international aquired two very beautiful works from glasgow - A moment´s silence (for someone close to you) by Douglas Gordon and Gobstopper by Roderick Buchanan. if you weren't alive or around when acca had their orifice exhibition then you won't remember these peices (they were video projections). but - lucky you, its now permanantly in melbourne for your viewing and listening pleasure. i tried to google some of their images into the puter box but i think they're too young or unrecognized and i could only get pictures of gorden from thomas the tank engine.

i love him but i hate him

this is kostas - he listens to music while he works just like any other artist, but when he does it it's ten times cooler than the average person. he has a warehouse studio with exposed piping. he wears a beany. there are bars on his window, like a caged beast he crouches instead of stands for the photo shoot. he has not one but two cd players. i'm probably going to go to the opening at someday where the people are beautiful and the beer's jamaican. if i see him, i'll pretend that i know who he is but don't care and silently slip a note behind one of his paintings that says - you are pretentious and very like a lot of other artists, but we should have babies together. ..

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

if you want to hang out with the cool crowd - go see this show

With titles like ECLIPSE THIS , i think you will find the work of seremetis to be divine in all facets. here is the flyer for upcoming show at someday and here are some fine examples of past stuff. he has made some interesting toys. ALSO - he's from nyc, and very attractive

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

make your own kinda music

.........sing your own special housemate showed me this site and i found this IHateLost Video Banner on the i hate lost site that i like to read now that i have successfully watched the entire glorious season 2. taking a breath.............

although the site has a pretty upsetting amount of spelling errors its just so funny and it makes me larf. i agree with everything that they say but the BEST BIT would have to be the video montage. its a pity but i cant actually post it on my blog because of technical reasons. it just can't be done. so if you're a lost fan go to the site and hit'll love it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

this is a little far fetched but i like the idea

if you look at or know of the nieves book site (not the government sponsered niece program thats somethink different) - you may have come across a little booklet that looks like that pic above. here's the link, its quite funny and you might be able to grab or order one into polyester or something. my birthday is september 28th.


i was given a cake today on account of the broke foot, its a tea cake with a lemony finish. i havn't been given a cake in a very loong time and have made it my mission to start baking for my friends. so all of you - out there, in here. be prepared for a lot of cake to come.