Friday, February 24, 2006

i applyed for a job interview the other day (yesterday) and the job description involved dressing in a nurses outfit at this store and walking around performing midwifery duties in the shop (highpoint). check out the link and read about the soft wighted heads of these lifelike corpses. i decided not to go to the interview.
my blog time is now in iceland time as of...........................Now

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i bought a dress for 95 dolla. very unlike me if you know me - the woman waiting for grunge to be cool again - or uncool again, i don't know. so i bought this 95 dolla dress, it's amazing, but as gun girl would agree, i probably should have bought another tattoo.

i also saw this interesting childrens book selling on ebay (see pics) it's really quite disgusting because the woman looks half the man's age. Poor Katie Holmes. i believe she's preggas. the dr suess patry i organized was reasonably good. Ben and I were the only's drinking down the sangria (spanish for sexy great wine and tequila drink). Ben threw up that nyte. I threw up the next day.

This is also a post to notify everybody that tonight (thurs. 23rd) there is going to be an amazing opening at westspace 6 till eight. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime art extra.
Heather Hestemann -

Friday, February 10, 2006

i'm up really early this morning, making a black coffee ala coop (from twin peaks) and have my tabacco at the ready for when it's done. i'm up because jacinda and i are having a garage sale, to sell off my some of my "assets" that i declared to centerlink the other total these were given a monetary value of about $1500, the majorority of this is my accordian, my bed and my dog. they also asked me if i owned any livestock and if i had seen my male housemate's penis' (if i was in a relationship with them - note - they didn't ask me about jacinda because we in australia don't recongnize gay and lesbian relationships because we suck)

but before i do much else this morning i want to post up a link that is an interesting read for those sad dole fuckers out there (you know who i'm talking about me included) it makes you wonder what the fuck we're complaining about sometimes---here tis

Thursday, February 09, 2006

i've smoked a joint...i'm ready to bash this thing out

First blog you ever read?

also..drawing it out - what can i say? it's really trendy

What inspired you to start your own?

the trendiness

The best and worst about blogging?

the best is the sharing of the love...or pictures, the worst is that some of the pictures and love and blogs are crap...*

*not those of you who rock the pants under our pants though

Who was the first person to comment on your blog? Troll your archives and find out

i think it was gun girl

What has been your most popular blog entry?

i'm not sure

If I re-named my blog I would call it...

the quality of something audible maybe - or something to do with star trek

If my blog had a theme song it would be

piss factory by patti lord smith

If my blog was a room it would look like...

plants, lots of plants - and my collection of hear no evil speak no evil see no evil monkeys

Five bloggers I would like to have over for dinner.

elyssium,ekstasis, gun girl, daddy walrus, and lumpen

Two bloggers you would like to set up on a blind date.

i don't know her blogger name - but her blog is wild young under whimsy with ekstasis

Somebody I wish had a blog?

well i suppose my dad because i could read his poetry

If you were only allowed to read one blog ever again, which blog would it be?

drawing it out because she broke my virginty

Is there a fellow blogger you would like to snog / shag / do rude things to? Feel
free to name names if you're game.

thats disgusting of you to ask because we all know internet fucking is illegal in mexico and canada*

* which for those who never could read are my timezones of choice

Discover a blog. Link to a blog that you have recently found, or a blog you have been reading for a while and haven't blogrolled.

i recently found this -

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

this was advertised on, take note when it says - the pay is probably less than you’re worth, and sometimes it’s great fun, and you’ll be working with some pretty clever people.

Production Assistant/Runner/Set Dresser
  • Experience in digital video essential
  • Small company, high standards, big ambitions
  • 40 hours/week approx @ $22/hr (casual)

    We’re a well-respected, soft-alternaporn producer looking for an enthusiastic all-rounder who can help us with all aspects of production. You’ll need to be available reliably each weekday, be confident driving in Melbourne (pref. A manual transmission), and have interest, skills and at least 2 yrs experience in film production and/or photography. Above all, you need to have a sense of erotic aesthetic which is compatible with our work.

    The job includes digital camera/lights/sound setup and operation (you must have experience and competency with current mini-DV cameras); set dressing; managing grips and equipment; props running; wardrobe; and location photography. The working hours are about 10 til 6 weekdays but this is a contract position with no ongoing work guarantee.

    To be honest, this isn’t going to be an asset to your resume, the pay is probably less than you’re worth, and maybe you won’t want to tell your parents what you’re doing with the education they paid for. It’s not a pro film gig but it beats washing dishes and sometimes it’s great fun, and you’ll be working with some pretty clever people. We’re not the slightest bit corporate but we’re very serious about what we do, we have high standards and we expect the same from you.

    Write to tell us what you can do, what you’ve been doing, and what you find erotic; and if we think you might fit, we’ll invite you in for an interview. Please check that your resume is real and accurate – we expect you to be competent at everything you claim you can do, else we will soon find someone else who is. We will do everything we promise to do and expect the same from you. Since the job entails working with non-professional females in a state of nudity, it is appropriate that we consider only females for this role.

    Email: Please click the 'Apply Now' button below.
  • Thursday, February 02, 2006

    i would have loved to meet this man...and if you don'tknow can...lookitup
    last nyte i expected to see damo suzuki live at revolver (i hate revelvor) with my good friend androniki who is an artist and isn't afraid to say so. but after waiting in line in the rain (we were undercover though but it made me need to pee more) 4 over an hour we missed out on tickets - and stupid mitch from the cameo got them instead. i counted my losses, thanked god i was still alive and went to the back bar where i bumped into weird music josh, his brother and noah (i like all of these persons so that was nice). but where was androniki i asked myself? and i felt scared because i thought she might have gotten herself thrown out after yelling - "HOW MANY COCKS DID YOU HAVE TO SUCK TO GET YOUR TICKETS?" to the people who where on the door list while we waited on the stairs. but she wasn't outside, or in the bathroom or anywhere, so i figured she'd gotten in and waited patiently for her to come and get me.

    she didn't come and get me. she'd snuck inside when the door bitch had her back turned and watched the entire 3 hour performance magnificant without having to pay. so i went home and resigned myself to the fact that even though i really love damo suzuki that i'm just not cool enough to get into gig's like that and sucked enough cock. also i still like slater kinney i still like veruca salt and i don't like androniki as much any more.

    she did come and get me in her car this morning though to take me to a great vegan bakery in preston where i could have a mushroom pie that tastes like real pie. so i forgive her coz she payed for it. and if i'm gonna do a gun girl and give a soundtrack to this post (once off - i don't like to copy) it would be "the killing moon" by echo and the bunnyman

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006


    in case you're wondering who wrote the red lyrics - it was buddy wakefeild...poet man.
    i've decided that i'm going to design cd covers - if anyone knows of a band that i would like then tell me - coz i'll design the first ones for free just to get a foot in, cd covers, record covers, tape covers....i'll do them all.
    "we both spend our money on things that break too easily people", isn't that nice....

    My housemate came back from ecuador yesterday morning and brought me the most beautiful painting from the market - it's a surreal blue with the darkest black ink. i love it. i also aquired the ecuadorian equivilent of one of those dogs that bob their heads in the car window - only it's a toirtle - and its made of paper mache, beaultifuly and brightly painted and has the bestest bung eye i've ever seen. also i got a beautiful necklace that is turquoise colour.

    She managed to pick up some burnt dvd's (the only form that dvd's come in - even the video store only has burnt copies), and i got given - La Isla, Un Film de Micheal Bay and el umbral del suicidio or "Stay" in Americano. Both have Ewan Mcgregor in them.

    i am going through some odd changes but still drinking coffee..................plans to move out, solo show, housemate home, black coffe, strong no suger, friend's opening on friday or satday, i'm going to start growing my sea monkeys.

    9 Mediatations (Kurilpa prayer) alistair macintyre