Tuesday, April 11, 2006

thisil be my last post till whenever i hook up the internet


gun street gerl and i and ann are moving. i'm eating probably the best vegy stir fry i've ever made in my life - hot tip - mix the oil with turmeric and light soy sauce before you fry the egg up. i'm listening to radiohead - haIL to the theif, which is, one of my top five albums for packing and eating and posting.

on satday my new good friend and i are having a house/studio warming in tribute to david bowie. omg i just ate the last peice of tofu in my fry and it was excellent.

as i said in the lustrious title of this post - etc. stay clean.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

for all those artists and theives...do you like the pink?

On Average, You Would Sell Out For


Friday, April 07, 2006

polly the china doll and the bunny hopper

polly the china doll sat in her cafe - the one where she could freely be a coffee snob and no one would judge her. In the corner of her eye she saw a bunny hopper commenly known as B.C. he looked like he was talking to himself over a caffe latte ".......fingertips, a clasped leg and folded arms pressing against the body are all important aids to individual relaxation........."

Three weeks later Polly woke up.

Unknowingly, the incident described above led to a three week long relationship with the B.C. and she was ready to leave.

B.C. - "i don't know why you wouldn't want me to guide you in the desired direction polly" while at the same time kneading her back and suggesting a mild form of embrace.

polly slipped some powder into his glass, she even wrote him a letter of refusal on the inside of her uneven china breast which was already slightly cracked from
B.C. 's regular kneading (all she wanted was a hug).

she kept experiencing vertigo and reoccuring dreams where - like the doll that she was - she broke, left her haunt, almost reached nirvana, hopped into the B.C. 's bellybutton, and disappeared.

"i don't want to disappear" polly knew what she had to to.

polly sat with the B.C. knowing full well that when the bathtub filled with water - he would undoubtably float - and it would fall into her china hands to push him under. but before anything could happen she found her mouth moving involunterally.


the B.C. looked forlorn and tired and shaky. "i don't know - a sort of metamorphisis came upon me i suppose"

polly was wired with something akin to rage - but not quite. "THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!" "i just wanted you to be happy" said polly.

"Well" said B.C. "bunny hoppers have larger lungs which is why they have such bouyancy on the water. "
"shit" thought polly. "he knows why i lured him to the bath" and she was about to change tact in the dialogue but as usual the B.C. just kept talking.................."We have larger hearts as well. together, these features mean that we can call upon a greater respitory response and generally have more stamina, also a quicker recovery from physical exertion"

"you are a better breather and long distance chaser" thought polly

polly muttered something under her breath and reached under the bathtub, grasping her sword."But china dolls have forearms that are longer in relation to their upper arms." "We are better aimers and weapon throwers".

polly forced the blood from the left ventricle into the arteries, which, she mentioned, has a large amount of elastic tissue in the walls of this blessed organic which causes them to dilate.


defeated and deflated the B.C. flattened into a thick rubber wetsuit - strangly resembling a limp and used condom.

she lay down her sword and disposed of the leftover B.C. thinking to herself - "even if i might sometimes seem weak and unintelligent and can be dominated when we meet on neutral ground. i can still enjoy a thoroughly dominant role as soon as i retreat to my private base. be it ever so humble. there is no place like a home territory.

the end

(there are illustrations and i want to make this into a children's book)