Wednesday, May 31, 2006

if you want to hang out with the cool crowd - go see this show

With titles like ECLIPSE THIS , i think you will find the work of seremetis to be divine in all facets. here is the flyer for upcoming show at someday and here are some fine examples of past stuff. he has made some interesting toys. ALSO - he's from nyc, and very attractive

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

make your own kinda music

.........sing your own special housemate showed me this site and i found this IHateLost Video Banner on the i hate lost site that i like to read now that i have successfully watched the entire glorious season 2. taking a breath.............

although the site has a pretty upsetting amount of spelling errors its just so funny and it makes me larf. i agree with everything that they say but the BEST BIT would have to be the video montage. its a pity but i cant actually post it on my blog because of technical reasons. it just can't be done. so if you're a lost fan go to the site and hit'll love it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

this is a little far fetched but i like the idea

if you look at or know of the nieves book site (not the government sponsered niece program thats somethink different) - you may have come across a little booklet that looks like that pic above. here's the link, its quite funny and you might be able to grab or order one into polyester or something. my birthday is september 28th.


i was given a cake today on account of the broke foot, its a tea cake with a lemony finish. i havn't been given a cake in a very loong time and have made it my mission to start baking for my friends. so all of you - out there, in here. be prepared for a lot of cake to come.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

yum. xrays

more from the diary of a cripple

i hate being broken. i have to figure out strange and wonderful excercises for the arms and leg and tummy. if you knew me in high school you would remember that "before time" when i was overweight because i was broken*. its funny to think that a man's t would be tight on me. and not because my breasts were going thru puberty but because the depressed tend to veer towards chocolate for dinner. and lunch, and brekky. (it was only deepressing because i was due to move out of home and had to hang around my family for longer - i also had a serious operation and couldn't move around for ages and ages)

i'm making a really hard effort not to get fat this time. but unfortunetly that means my muscles are aching, my one leg becoming something from a sci fi mills and boon and i've been eating so much fibre and vegie stuff that my skin is turning orange.
i did ask the doctor whether my bones might be a little brittle compared to most but he said some people are just accident prone.
so i mentioned that i've also broken a fair few toes in my lifetime, my elbow was fractured and so was my cocsic and he prescribed me some calcium tablets.

*i broke all the bones in my ankle from playing tugger war with my dog 3 years ago. i still have two nice scars and a metal plate and pin which still occasionally hurts. COCK!

Monday, May 08, 2006

and heres the reel bhopper and polly

spurt spurt

i seem to write posts in collectives of many. i don't know why but its something to do with my limited attention span. so pleese scroll down and share the fun of my life up to date.(its not actually that interesting and probably misspelt)

now i'm off to make pie with gun street gerl

spurt spurt

i seem to write posts in collectives of many. i don't know why but its something to do with my limited attention span.

now i'm off to make pie with gun street gerl

this is the end result of the bunny hopper story. i hope i can make up some more but don't count on it.

we had catch up time wid gun street gerl now its time for catch up with idahorn,

well we moved into the house in lustrious preston - art commune to be and punk central for the ones who know.

but unfortuunetly i'm broken. i can't leave the house much but now at least we have a phone line. i look and act a little pissed off and high on codine because i ripped my foot in two.

i do wonder tho about my pain threshold tho. when it happened (i had an accident on some stairs) i woke up the next morning not realising that i was broken. i walked down the stairs in question and heard a crackle in my foot. then a pop. then a crackle everytime i put my foot down (its the right foot)

i managed to hop to a phone booth only to find out i had no change. i stared at the bp station to my left. then i looked to my right at the shell station. but i didn't really have energy to hop anymore so i just called the fault line on the phone and told theoperator what had happed - i even cried a little so he'd feel sorry for me. which he did.

my old housies came and performed a heroic rescue at five in the morning and took me to the hospital where i was xrayed and got lots of sympathy because apparantly i don't have a high pain threshold after all and i'm a pussy.

it was fun in the wheelchair.

so to cut that boring story and get to the point. i can't drink to excess if at all for 6-8 weeks. or walk. or have my housewarming - or have any sort of fun with drugs. not that i have any drugs to take. but - i have time on my hands to do a frida and make things. paint things and have CREATIVE FUN!! who am i kidding. i'm bored as hell. my foot hurts and my toes are cold.