Wednesday, June 07, 2006

lucky ostraya

i just found out that the ngv international aquired two very beautiful works from glasgow - A moment´s silence (for someone close to you) by Douglas Gordon and Gobstopper by Roderick Buchanan. if you weren't alive or around when acca had their orifice exhibition then you won't remember these peices (they were video projections). but - lucky you, its now permanantly in melbourne for your viewing and listening pleasure. i tried to google some of their images into the puter box but i think they're too young or unrecognized and i could only get pictures of gorden from thomas the tank engine.

i love him but i hate him

this is kostas - he listens to music while he works just like any other artist, but when he does it it's ten times cooler than the average person. he has a warehouse studio with exposed piping. he wears a beany. there are bars on his window, like a caged beast he crouches instead of stands for the photo shoot. he has not one but two cd players. i'm probably going to go to the opening at someday where the people are beautiful and the beer's jamaican. if i see him, i'll pretend that i know who he is but don't care and silently slip a note behind one of his paintings that says - you are pretentious and very like a lot of other artists, but we should have babies together. ..