Monday, September 25, 2006


check it out -
its time for the one and only painting extravaganza by our very own selves, my show starts at the end of this week, i'm largely stressed and also large from eating stressful bad food as well. so after satday - when all's complete, no more 2min noodles, only healthy salads and bean curd.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

more international sight sees at someday

i love this gallery. i love most of the shows i see there. i love metropolis. i hate the fact that they never support local artists in the same way that they do those established (already making money) artists overseas. it would be nice to see a non for profit paste up comp or something in such a well exposed place - heaps of commercial spaces support emerging artists and street artists, it'd be nice to see them spend there excess earnings on the underground instead of jamaican beer. that being said -GENEVIEVE GAUCKLER, parisian, butchy and a little designerish but very cool (because i love text and monsters in any work that i see) woman from the south of france (i don't actually think shes from the south of france but it sounds romantic) is now showing at someday, check it out, i will probably yet again end up reviewing the people and not the actual show. boowah

(first image is courtasy of, second image courtasy of, and the third -